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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay anything to play the games on
A. No. Unlike many other games sites, you don't have to pay - or even register - to play the games and submit scores. On MyGamesArcade the games really are "free to play"!

Q. The page loads but the game doesn't appear. Why?
All the games on require either Macromedia's Flash plug-in or Shockwave plug-in. Both can be downloaded for free from the Macromedia website. Please use the buttons below to ensure your browser has the most up to date version of each plug-in.

Q. Why do some of the games run slowly in my browser?
There can be several reasons for this. It could be that you have other browser windows open which are interfering with the game - try closing any windows you don't need. It's also worth checking that you have the latest version of the Flash or Shockwave plug-in.

Q. My "Personal Stats" have disappeared! Why?
Some of the games on this website store your "personal stats" like the number of times you have played, your highest score etc. This information is stored on a small data file (flash cookie) on your computer, so if you play the same game on a different computer, the stats will not be available.

Q. Who makes the games on
Most of the games on this website were developed by other games sites. The rest were made by other game developers who have given us permission to use their game.

Q. Can I put these games on my own website?
Most of the games on this website are available to license. Please contact us if you are interested in our prices. Alternatively we sometimes provide other websites with "limited level" versions of some of our games.

Q. Can I link to from my own website?
We're always happy for other websites to link to, but please link to the page containing the game, NOT the game itself, as it will not work. Alternatively you can link to the MyGamesArcade Homepage at

Q. I never received the confirmation code to validate my account. What do I do now?
You can now request a brand new confirmation code be sent to the email address you used when you first registered. If you use a Hotmail, AOL, GMail or Yahoo! email account the email may have been blocked or sent to a Spam or Bulk folder in your account. You may like to check if the confirmation email was sent there by mistake. Otherwise, go to resend confirmation code to have a new code sent.