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Resend Confirmation Code

After you register for your free gaming account, you should be automatically sent an email with a confirmation code to validate your account.

If you have not received this confirmation code within 10-15 minutes, you can have a new confirmation code emailed to you by typing your email address into the following box and clicking on the "Send New Code" button.

If you use SPAM ARREST or other anti-spam service, add this email address to your whitelist:

Yahoo Users... Check Inbox AND Bulk Folder

Yahoo! users may need to check the Bulk folder

NOTE: Yahoo Services can be unreliable. It sometimes takes hours or even up to 4 days to get a confirmation email from Yahoo. If you do not get one in 5 minutes, resubmit on the previous page and enter a non Yahoo email address that you use frequently.

Your new confirmation code will only be emailed if you enter the same email address you used when you first signed up.

Please enter your email address below and a new code will be sent to you.

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