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Gold Miner

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Gold Miner

Gold Miner

You play a gold miner and your job is to collect as much gold, diamonds, and treasure as you can in 60 seconds using your claw and reel while it swings back and forth. If you collect enough treasure to pass your goal amount, you can buy dynamite, lucky charms, and strength potions to help you on the next level. But watch out for rocks, bones, small animals and barrels of TNT!

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How To Play Gold Miner

Your mining claw swings left/right automatically.
DOWN Arrow = Drop your claw to pick up items. If you grab something it is pulled up automatically.
UP Arrow = Throw dynamite at the item you are pulling up to blow it up.

1. Your money carries over to each new level but you must reach your goal to advance to the shop and next level.
2. Larger gold and rocks take longer to reel up than diamonds and small items or animals.
3. Diamonds are worth more than gold but you need to be accurate.